Mountain Standard Vail

Cathy Roach, Business Administrator

Cathy moved to Vail in June of 1977. Cathy started as a server at Sweet Basil in October of 1990. After schooling in accounting and computer courses, she took on the job of Office Manager in October of 1994. Cathy or Mama, as she is affectionately called, lives with her husband, Kevin, and has two grown children. USAFA 2008 graduate Taylor is currently a Major in the Air Force flying F-16s, is married, and the father to Cathy’s first granddaughter, Caroline.  There are numerous pictures of this beautiful little girl all over Cathy’s office. Travis, who is studying web design and IT at Galvanize lives in Denver. Both of Cathy’s sons’ first jobs were for the Sweet Basil Family. In November of 2012, Cathy acquired the position of Business Administrator for Mountain Standard as well. Sweet Basil and Mountain Standard would be lost without their matriarch, Mama keeps everyone and everything organized and performing effectively and efficiently.  For fun Cathy practices yoga, climbs mountains, and loves spending time with her family and friends.

-Mountain Standard Vail